With a quirky look and a unique hybrid sound of Pop, Blues, Jazz and Rock - Roses In Hand are able to capture audiences with their passion of performance and heartfelt lyrics of love, lust and struggles.
Between Sam and his experienced guitar playing, and Jess with her powerful vocals - this duo have the ability to create a talented and atmospheric experience with each performance.  

Meeting each other by chance on the set of writing for a movie, Sam Burrell and Jessica Allen instantly clicked. Testing the waters of their music through busking, the pair knew they had something special when they released their debut single and music video "Free Fall".

The duo have since released their second single "Restart", have won multiple regional and national songwriting awards, as well as frolicking down the red carpet at APRA Australian Music Awards brushing shoulders with the best in the industry. Along with their latest festival performances and relentless touring, Roses In Hand announced their major production "A Touch Of Burlesque". A collaboratively themed show around passion and desire, complimenting the lyrics of Roses In Hand with stunning visuals.


With their honest songwriting and energetic performances, Roses In Hand are giving their audiences a sneak peak at some new material. Keep an eye out for what’s to come - you do not want to miss Roses In Hand.



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"I love stumbling across great local talent Good sound and funky vibes"


"Another of those hidden treasures working their butts off - needing recognition"


"Lovely couple and amazing music!! Awesome performances everytime !"


"Saw these guys last night & they were absolutely amazing!! Wishing Sam & Jess all the best for the future!"


"Fantastic performers with a highly professional approach. "


"They are unique & very entertaining"


"Jess has the most amazing voice, her vocal versatility is a credit to her. Well worth a listen if you get the opportunity."



"They are just soo amazing. Such talent and such an amazing voice."

"What an amazing night last night with Roses in Hand a Touch of Burlesque! They captivated the audience with their soulful heartfelt songs of love! Thanks for a fabulous night!"

"We had the most amazing time last night at the Roses in Hand - Touch of Burlesque event. Outstanding performance and value for money. Sam and Jess were extraordinarily friendly as always and we look forward to seeing them both go far, because we know they will. The costumes were fantastic as well. I cannot wait for their next show as this duo always gets bigger and better. Their new songs were very deep and touching and you can feel the love the two of them share as you hear the words in their songs."


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